You can make a difference right now. Before you check your email or make dinner plans, invest a few minutes to help the women of Congo. Build a movement. Change the world. You have more power than you know.

Personal Actions

Choose one each month

  1. 1. Make a personal connection. Sponsor a Sister through Women for Women International for $30/month (select DRC on the site’s drop down menu) or be a lifeline for rape victims in Somalia for as little as $10 a month through our program, Sister Somalia.
  2. 2. Raise awareness in your community by participating in or organizing a Run for Congo Women event; or share Nicholas Kristof’s seven-minute video “An American in Congo” with friends and family.
  3. 3. Sponsor a Congolese child’s education for a year ($52) through Kids 4 Congo’s Kids.
  4. 4. Read A Thousand Sisters and discuss with friends and family. Click here to order.
  5. 5. Host a Congo book club. Read A Thousand Sisters (order here; find a reading group guide here) and Dancing in the Glory of Monsters (order here) and begin the dialog in your community about Congo
  6. 6. Host a Screening of The Greatest Silence, an eye-opening documentary that gives voice to sexual violence in Congo.
  7. 7. Host Cocktails and/or Conversations for Congo
  8. 8. Post, repost, and spread Congo news on Facebook and Twitter.
  9. 9. Pray or Meditate for Congo
  10. 10. Dream something up!

BONUS! Special interest in Congo Conservation? Check out these two very worthy projects, run by some of our heroes! Strong Roots and TL2 National Park.


From outside the U.S.?

All the more powerful for you to reach out to leaders in the U.S. Take part in the actions above, and/or reach out to your government. Connect with other sisters in your country, or start an A Thousand Sisters chapter!