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Armed U.S. Advisors to Help Fight African Rebel Group
October 14, 2011 NEW YORK TIMES, Thom Shanker
The Lord’s Resistance Army is responsible for countless raids in DR Congo and other Central African nations. Full Story Here…

Logistics Challenges Could Delay Vote in Congo
October 19, 2011 REUTERS, Jonny Hogg
The numerous opposition parties backing presidential candidate Etienne Tshisekedi have threatened to assume government responsibilities if elections are not held by December 6. Full Story Here…

SEC Struggles to Write Conflict Mineral Regulations
October 18, 2011 WASHINGTON POST, David S. Hilzenrath
The SEC, which missed an April deadline to finalize the regulations, has been having a hard time translating the Dodd-Frank Law into rules for companies. Full Story Here…


Kenya Faces Somali Quagmire
October 19, 2011 BUSINESS WEEK, Sarah McGregor
Kenya’s incursion into Somalia to combat Al Shabab militants on its border has some concerned it is not prepared for fighting a likely insurgency. Full Story Here…


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  1. JustWatchingInDisbelief says:

    Congo has a history of cannibalism in some areas. It is sad that Africans cannot change the borders the way they feel is right for them as we did in Europe some time ago (not so long in some instances, actually). Check the history of this country to fully understand what is going on in there. This is an interesting source (2006):

    I wish all the best for women and children suffering the stupidity of men but I have to ask – how the next generation of boys will behave? Therefore I pray for your little boys to have good examples in the men they see in their life and you as mothers, please, do your best to protect them not to see violent men (I know it may be hard but for the future of your nations, or tribes, whatever you prefer, do try please). They will one day grow up mirroring the behaviour of men who were around them while growing up. I wish you lot of luck in that journey and pray for you every day.

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