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1502, Rape Profits & You

Dear {As-of-Now Nameless CEO},

We are contacting you as a community of American women and men — moms, dads, grandmas, small business owners — who played a vital role in the passage of conflict minerals legislation last year. Please see the attached press clippings on our actions supporting passage of the conflict mineral legislation: National Public Radio’s Morning Edition; The New York Times; and The New York Times Magazine. Please note, our protests from last year are featured in an upcoming documentary. The filmmaker’s previous feature length film secured distribution in more than 120 cities.

We are deeply disturbed that {YOUR MULTI BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION} may be supporting NAM and the US Chamber of Commerce in threatening a lawsuit against the SEC to challenge its rules and regulations enforcing the legislation.

Let us be clear how the US grassroots movement for Congo views the threatened lawsuit: Despite unanimous, bi-partisan support for the legislation, all companies backing the NAM and Chamber will be suing the US government for the right to rape profiteer. All credible estimates indicate the regulations will require extremely modest investment on the part of industry. By claiming these regulations are too “burdensome” or “expensive”, your company effectively declares your profits, business model, and brand are predicated on the mass rape of women and children in the Congo. US consumers will not tolerate “X Co: One Stop Rape Shop”.

We understand NAM and The US Chamber of Commerce are known to misrepresent the position of their members. We are approaching you to enlist your public statement against this remarkably risky move on the part of NAM and the US Chamber of Commerce. We urge you to issue a public letter asking NAM and The US Chamber of Commerce cease and desist, as attached here. Modifications will need to be reviewed by our attorneys. In so doing, you will clearly establish your brand as a compassionate, progressive industry leader we will celebrate.

Women’s security is not an optional extra in your business model. We urge your immediate, bold leadership in saying no to rape-based business by issuing this letter, by close of business Thursday Oct. 6. Otherwise, we look forward to continuing the dialogue in a public forum.


Lisa Shannon

Founder & CEO, A Thousand Sisters




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